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Today’s episode features Jeffery and Margaret of the Tayana 37 “Bear.” I met Jeffery while we were both crewing, on separate boats, in the Caribbean 1500 in 2016. He and Margaret have been cruising New England during the summers and this past year took off from the Chesapeake offshore to the Virgin Islands. They share their experience in getting the boat ready, some reflections on the appeal and allure of living and travelling aboard a sailboat, and some anecdotes from some of the many places they’ve visited. 





≈Delmarva Loop≈

Jason Jernigan recently completed a loop of the Delmarva peninsula as a shakedown in preparation for an upcoming global circumnavigation aboard his Alberg 30, “Lora.” We discuss his preparations for sailing solo, the preparations he is making to the boat and his gear, and he offers insight and reflections on his sailing experiences past and present. Jason can be found online on Facebook at Jason’s Sailing Adventures

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≈Shooting the Breeze≈



insta 1Jeffrey Wettig is the host of the “Shooting the Breeze” sailing podcast. Jeffrey is one of the original sailing podcasters, and is all-round interesting guy. We talk about some of his sailing adventures on Chesapeake Bay, some lessons he’s learned through owning a number of different boats, our thoughts on the future of the used sailboat market, and some sailing goals and aspirations. Jeffery has been a big inspiration for me, and I’ve been a longtime fan of his podcast, so it was really cool to be able to speak with him. Enjoy!




≈Sailing Millennial Falcon≈

New Pod Episode!

Khiara and Adam are sailing the Caribbean aboard their Tayana 42 the “Millennial Falcon.” They sailed from the West Coast of Florida, island hopping down to Grenada in their first season, and I spoke to them while they were at anchor in St Martin. We talk about their boat buying process, some of the challenges they’ve faced, and the lure of living on the water. They also have an excellent YouTube channel where they’ve been documenting their travels and can be found on their website as well at https://sailingmillennialfalcon.com/


≈Bluewater on a Budget≈

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James Elfers is a yacht surveyor, buyer’s broker, and the author of “Bluewater Sailing on a Budget.” Jim talks with me about insights he’s gained through his work as a delivery captain, his experience overseas during the heyday of Taiwanese boatbuilding, and his goal of helping sailors navigate the boat-buying process. We dig into pitfalls to watch out for when looking at boats, strategy for negotiating purchase price, the process of a marine survey, and some special considerations for older boats in particular. Jim’s book can be found on Amazon and his surveying business is called Mandalay Marine, based out of the Bay area in California.

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≈Fishing for Sailors≈

Jared Lawson was the best man at my wedding, is my partner in aquaculture, my long-time musical compatriot, and for purposes of this podcast, a meticulous and enthusiastic fisherman. We talk about fishing Chesapeake Bay, some thoughts for fishing along the ICW, bait and rigging styles, as well as techniques for cleaning fish. Jared shares advice for the rank amateur (me), but also has a breadth of knowledge that will be of interest to anyone with a penchant for dipping a line.

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≈Increase the Fleet≈

New pod episode! Late Blog Post!


Jason Clark and Kirsten Austin are a couple of adventurous Mainers who have been sailing the East Coast since 2013. We talk about crossing to the Bahamas, serial boat ownership, the proper way to prepare lobster, and the inevitable headaches associated with marine toilets. We also shared some good laughs with good friends. Enjoy the episode and Happy New Year!

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New Podcast episode!


Fiona McGlynn and Robin Urquhart are the editors of Waterborne, an online magazine featuring millennial voices in sailing. They sailed their Dufour 35 “MonArk” from Vancouver, BC, across the Pacific to Australia, via Mexico, the Marquesas, and Tuamotus, to name a few. They share their thoughts on sailboat arbitrage, the dangers of sleep deprivation and importance of finding a watch schedule that works, millennial participation in sailing, the orthodoxy of sailing culture, and of the creation and goals of Waterborne.


Millennials and Boating

Two-Captain Sailboat

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≈Dawn Treader≈



Debbie and Brian have voyaged aboard their 30ft Allied Seawind since 2014, crossing the Atlantic 4 times and sailing down the coast of South America through Brazil and Uruguay. They talk about the gear they installed and modifications they made during a major refit, the challenges and rewards of travelling under sail, and they speak eloquently and earnestly of their experiences at sea.

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Lemont – Brian’s good friend and the music on their YouTube videos.