Torture Board

Today I learned a boat-yard colloquialism for the fairing board. See above. I can’t seem to find a picture of the one I made, but a fairing board is essentially a piece of 1/4″ plywood the width of a half-sheet of sandpaper, anywhere from 11 inches to 6 ft long. Since the plywood is flexible, it allows you to sand curved surfaces “fair.”

Sanding, grinding, scraping, and fairing are all more or less unpleasant activities, and for that I’m glad the boat is relatively small. I can’t imagine refitting a larger boat, I think I’d still be scraping bottom paint.

This past weekend we got the final coat of barrier-paint on the under-body, and I’m still dragging my feet on getting the rudder build started, so today I started fairing the transom. Awhile back I had started taking the topside paint off, but unfortunately the grinder is a little too aggressive.

All those blue spots are where I bit too deep.

Once the epoxy sets, I’ll be getting some more personal time with the torture board.

In the meantime I painted on some “green” paint stripper to the topsides. The directions said to apply with a brush, I had one of those cheapy foam brushes on hand and…

I guess “green” is a relative term.

That’s all for now folks- them baby oysters keeping me busy!