All kinds of hijinks afoot over here at the Bonnie Boat. It’s been a productive couple of weeks at the boatyard, largely because I found my old i-pod boombox and have been jammin out whilst working. Here’s a playlist of things I’ve been working on and the tunes that accompany them.

1. Glass Work- Adam Hurt’s “Intrigue”

Laying up fiberglass is a methodical, meditative activity, pairs well with old-time Appalachian music. I’ve managed to build about 1/4″ of glass on the two sections of deck that are under reconstruction. At less than 1/32″ per layer of glass it’s been time consuming, but the end result is a deck that you can walk on. Kind of an important property of decks.

For those of you who like old-time banjo (there’s a sentence that’s never been uttered) Adam Hurt is the man. He plays catchy traditional tunes with a bit of modern flair. His version of “Cumberland Gap” that opens the album is my happy music. And he’s always in tune, fancy that.

2. Rudder Work- Mastadon’s “Blood Mountain”

Still pecking away at getting ready for the rudder build, I’ve finalized the design and am slowly gathering materials together. I’ll build a complete practice version out of cheap plywood before cutting into the expensive stuff. Picture above is what the internal skeleton of the rudder is going to look like.

Working with bronze stock obviously pairs well with skull-crushing metal. Mastadon’s “Blood Mountain” is one of my new favorites, got a little bit of thrash, some bluesy-Sabbath riffs, and some sludgy breakdowns that sound like the death-throes of heavy machinery. Awesome.

3. Fairing the topsides- The Curry’s “Follow

I was debating whether or not to bother fairing up the topsides- I ended up just going for it. First the boat gets a coat of epoxy (shiny), then out comes the red stuff.

Not looking forward to sanding all that, but hey, you only tear an aging fiberglass boat down to the gelcoat once right?

I’m not sure how spreading thickened red goop relates to my good friends The Curry’s, but their debut album is definitely worth checking out. Tight harmonies, great songwriting, and even a little guest git-tar playing by yours truly. I listened to “Follow” a bunch when they first released it in the Spring, now I’m on the second go-round. I’m discovering all kinds of little parts far back in the mix, which is always fun after you’ve heard a song many times. I’ve been hanging out and playing music with these guys for a long time- Galen C. and bassist Trixx for almost 10 years now.  Here’s a moderately embarrassing vid of them back in the day. Some days I love the internet.

4. Rigging Work- Ween’s “The Mollusk”

As you can see I had the marina pull the mast out of the boat and spent an afternoon removing the old standing rigging and halyards while listening to Ween. The Mollusk is undoubtedly the creepiest song ever written on the subject.

I was planning on painting the mast, but it’s in pretty good shape, we’ll leave it as-is

5. Assorted engine stuff- The Infamous Stringdusters

The Duster’s are a long time favorite of mine, I first saw them in college when their guitar player, who was a friend of a friend, snuck us in through the backstage area to a sold out show. Pretty cool stuff. They throw a festival in Nelson County every year called The Festy which we always look forward to.

Got everything disconnected and the engine pulled out of its little hobbit hole. I played around with hauling the engine out with a block and tackle, but the entire weight of the engine would have been carried by the topping lift- which is the line that runs from the top of the mast to the end of the boom. Needless to say it didn’t look up to the task, so I’ll have the marina pull out this monster with the crane.

That’s it for now, coming up next:

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