Episode 19: ≈Dinghy Dreams≈

Emily Greenburg has single-handed her Pearson Ariel down the East Coast- from Lake Champlain, through the Hudson River, down the Jersey Coast and Chesapeake Bay, and into the ICW to Florida. We talk about preparing small boats for long-term sailing, her formative sailing experience on an offshore delivery, the satisfaction of working on your own boat, and the realities of sexism in the sailing world and beyond. She keeps a log of her travels at the always-interesting www.dinghydreams.com and is on Instagram @dinghydreams. Enjoy!


Episode 18: ≈Adventures of Tarka≈

Interview time! Bryan Rolfe is sailing his 27 foot Albin Vega across the Carribean, bound for Panama, the Pacific Ocean, Polynesia, and ultimately a circumnavigation. We talk about life aboard a small boat, new-old ways of getting weather information offshore, preparing a boat for oceans, the sobering reality of coral reefs today, and much more! Bryan has a very enjoyable and well-produced series of videos on YouTube and he is donating all proceeds from his videos to the Coral Reef Alliance. He’s also an all-around interesting guy. Check it out!



Bryan can be found on his website:

The Adventures of Tarka

His YouTube Channel:


His Instagram:


Also, a few things of note. During the interview we talk about his affiliate site, which is going to be discontinued and rolled into his blog. I will endeavor to get a link to his article about using a laptop to decode weatherfax offshore. Also, I referenced in the interview a buddy with a diesel powered water maker- I’m fairly certain that it is in fact powered by a small gasoline engine. Everything else we say is 100% factual. 🙂