About the Pearson Ariel


The Pearson Ariel was designed by renowned naval architect Carl Alberg in 1961. Alberg was apparently a stubborn old Swede as the Ariel, much like his other designs, is traditional and conservative. It also quite a looker. Walking around the boatyard she stands out among the beamy, top-sidey, fin-keeled boats that predominate modern production yachts. She is narrow, with 8 feet of beam, which makes her relatively modest 3 ft 8 in draft appear deeper. She has a generous sweeping sheerline and a shapely transom.

The Ariel was designed as the more famous Pearson Triton’s smaller sibling.  From a distance they look almost identical, although the Ariel can be distinguished by its masthead sloop rig, compared to the Triton’s fractional.  At 25’6″ long and displacing 5700 lbs, she’s heavy for her length, which reportedly gives her an easy motion at sea. Originally designed as a racer/cruiser, there have been some significant voyages aboard the Ariel, including a crossing to Hawaii from California. Our own hull #412 has supposedly been to Bermuda, which is an impressive voyage for boat of her size.

Here are her particulars:

LOA:    25.58′                                     LWL:  18.50′

Beam:             8.00′                          Listed SA:       305 ft2

Draft (max.)  3.70′

Disp.    5700 lbs                                Ballast:           2500 lbs.

SA/Disp.:        15.34 Bal./Disp.:      43.85%          Disp./Len.:     401.89

Designer:        Carl Alberg

Builder:          Pearson Yachts (USA)

Bal. type:        Lead

First Built:     1962   Last Built:      1966   # Built:           440


12 thoughts on “About the Pearson Ariel

  1. Hey thanks Jason, it seems we share similarly excellent taste in yacht designers. There’s an Alberg 30 a few boats over from us at The Marina, it’s incredible how similar the Ariel is to it’s bigger sister. Good luck with the refit!

    • Hey Kyle, thanks for checking us out! I’m a frequent lurker over there at the Pearson Ariel forums, lots of good references and information. I’ve been meaning to post some pics over thar, maybe when I get her cleaned up a bit more…

  2. Pshaw! We’ll take you as you are. Terrific that y’all are rescuing A412 from an unnecessary demise. Huge job that would have scared off lesser crew! A great turnaround underway. Join up and post a link to this blog. Folks there would love to watch the work!

  3. Awesome boat! She sure looks pretty with her new paint job. I love the PA but think one would need a bit too much restoration for my feeble brain 🙂 Cheers!

    • Hey thanks Emily! Everyone tells us we found a good one, I tend to agree, just hope to get her out sailing soon. Good luck with your travels and perhaps our wakes will cross someday.

  4. Hey guys!!! As you know, I bought a Pearson Ariel HAHA!!! I’m having trouble identifying her Hull ID number though…I’d love to pick your brains. Can I drop a line via email? Let me know an address I can email you!

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