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Hello INTERNET user! Welcome to the Bonnie Boat, which chronicles our restoration of  “Firefly,” Pearson Ariel Hull #412 and subsequent journey down the East Coast. In brief, my wife Ryan and I bought a boat, fixed her up, and had some grand adventures.

In order to get “Firefly” ready for the trip we commenced on a two year full re-fit. Which ended being about a half-full refit. We re-cored rotting sections of the deck, fixed the hull-to-deck joint, removed the old inboard diesel engine, installed an outboard motor in a well, replaced all the running and standing rigging, replaced the chainplates, sanded the hull, barrier coated the hull, fixed the crazing in the gelcoat, painted the hull, painted the topsides (roll and tip method), painted the deck, built and installed a new rudder, and a million other little things. Finally we decided it was time to leave so we did! We sailed out the Rappahannock River, down the Chesapeake Bay, into the Intracoastal Waterway (ICW), through canals, cuts, rivers, bays, sounds, down to the Florida Keys and back. Met a bunch of very cool people, traveled the East Coast in a way that few are fortunate enough to experience, and generally lived it up.

Click around and check it out! Below is a sort of haphazard guide to the website:

The refit from the beginning

ICW Cruise from the Beginning

Cogitating on boat names, deck re-core project part 1 of many, fixing through hull fittings, yet more deck re-core, fixing the hull-to-deck joint, endless deck re-core work, roll and tip painting the topsides, building a rudder out of marine plywood, glueing up the rudder, we built a rudder and a snowman, naming the boat, installing new chainplates, launch day!, some nice things my wife said about me, first sail!, building a plywood dinghy, learning to live-aboard, installing marine solar panels, dragging anchor in a gale in the Florida Keys, cooking on a sailboat, sailing home.



One thought on “Start Here!

  1. The Ariel is one of my all time favorite boats and your looks like a good one. Go slow, do everything right and she will last you a life time. Great blog guys 🙂

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