Episode 20: ≈Soultide≈



Clay and Ally sailed their Catalina 27 “Soultide” down the ICW from Virginia to the Florida Keys. They have an inspiring story and relate some funny anecdotes about their days living aboard. We reminisce about meeting down in Key Largo, dodging mosquitos, running from the cold, learning how to work on engines, and the adjustment back to living ashore. Clay and Ally are musicians, built their own house, have recently acquired a 50 year old Columbia 36, and we are fortunate to count them among our friends. Enjoy the episode!


Links mentioned within:

Wild Flower Honey Band

Blog- Six Imposserous Things



2 thoughts on “Episode 20: ≈Soultide≈

  1. We haven’t missed an episode of your podcast and looked forward to them weekly, then every other week, now monthly. That was sad news. The laid-back interview style is very pleasing and funny to listen to. I completely understand that you must prioritize things in your life and wish you success. Just remember there are a lot of us living the sailing life throw you and your friends eyes until we can lift our own sails to start are adventures. My wife (mainly my her) and I are of the old school mentality and think we should retire (in three years) before we leave our slip to sail for several years to where the winds take us. I have adapted just about everything on our 27′ Nimble Kodiak to start with the Great Loop then Bahamas. We see what happens after that. Don’t let your dreams get to far away from completing them, being anchored can become the norm. Brian & Karen

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