Episode 19: ≈Dinghy Dreams≈

Emily Greenburg has single-handed her Pearson Ariel down the East Coast- from Lake Champlain, through the Hudson River, down the Jersey Coast and Chesapeake Bay, and into the ICW to Florida. We talk about preparing small boats for long-term sailing, her formative sailing experience on an offshore delivery, the satisfaction of working on your own boat, and the realities of sexism in the sailing world and beyond. She keeps a log of her travels at the always-interesting www.dinghydreams.com and is on Instagram @dinghydreams. Enjoy!



2 thoughts on “Episode 19: ≈Dinghy Dreams≈

  1. Around 45:30, when Emily brings up the idea of building a collar around the hole in the outboard well: I have misgivings about a rigid construction when the outboard tends to vibrate and shake so much underway. I suspect a wooden collar around that would be noisy and take quite a beating very quickly.

    My two cents: use a flexible skirt like what sea kayakers wear around their midriff, something that will seal the opening but be quiet and flexible with the movements of the motor. The trick would be finding a material that won’t melt or catch fire if the outboard’s housing heats up.

    • Hey Asher, I think that’s a great idea, maybe a cut up old wetsuit with some elastic to hold it to the shaft of the outboard. I haven’t really paid attention but I don’t think the shaft gets very hot when running, it would be something to check. Thanks for listening in and thanks for your thoughts!

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