Episode 18: ≈Adventures of Tarka≈

Interview time! Bryan Rolfe is sailing his 27 foot Albin Vega across the Carribean, bound for Panama, the Pacific Ocean, Polynesia, and ultimately a circumnavigation. We talk about life aboard a small boat, new-old ways of getting weather information offshore, preparing a boat for oceans, the sobering reality of coral reefs today, and much more! Bryan has a very enjoyable and well-produced series of videos on YouTube and he is donating all proceeds from his videos to the Coral Reef Alliance. He’s also an all-around interesting guy. Check it out!



Bryan can be found on his website:

The Adventures of Tarka

His YouTube Channel:


His Instagram:


Also, a few things of note. During the interview we talk about his affiliate site, which is going to be discontinued and rolled into his blog. I will endeavor to get a link to his article about using a laptop to decode weatherfax offshore. Also, I referenced in the interview a buddy with a diesel powered water maker- I’m fairly certain that it is in fact powered by a small gasoline engine. Everything else we say is 100% factual. 🙂


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