Episode 17: ≈Homecoming≈


Ryan and I reflect on the ups and downs of returning to shore-side life, our last days on the boat, and lessons learned from 6 months underway aboard a small sailboat. We talk about facing fears and anxiety, our final sail up the Chesapeake Bay and getting our mojo back.



3 thoughts on “Episode 17: ≈Homecoming≈

  1. Thanks so much for sharing your story. I just spent a week in Traverse City Michigan at sailing school and a 3 day cruise. Though my week was much shorter than your adventure I can completely relate to re-entry after living aboard for a week!! I’d love to do the Chesapeake or Traverse Bay on My little Precision 18, “Apple Pie” . ( just think if I needed a dinghy it would be “a la mode”) . Anyhow thanks again.

    • Hey Tom, “a la mode,” I love it! I had to google Traverse Bay, looks like a sweet place to explore- I don’t know much about sailing on the Great Lakes but all the Great Lakes sailors I’ve met have been badasses. Thanks for listening to the podcast, good luck with “re-entry,” and drop us a line if you ever make it down to the Chesapeake! My impression is that it’s a bit more forgiving than the Great Lakes for sailing.

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