Episode 7: Sun Worship

Setting up “Firefly’s” solar system, composting heads, a neighboring boat drags into us, and sailboats as the original solar powered vehicles.

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2 thoughts on “Episode 7: Sun Worship

  1. Wow! I’m famous! Thanks for the great overview of your composting head. I have to say, you guys were stellar as bloggers, but as podcasters, you’re simply the best. I love the mix of reading from your original blog posts with your off-the-cuff commentary. And I love that you supply your own intro and outro music; Big Sciota is one of my favorite tunes, and I love the version from Russ Brenberg and Jerry Douglas on Skip, Hop, and Wobble. I’m a musician, too, and play a wee bit of string band stuff. Would love to encourage you two to come out the Bay Area for a sail and a jam! Keep up the fantastic work.

    • Dude! “Big Sciota” is a great tune, that’s so cool you recognized it. Thanks for the kind words, really nice to hear you’re enjoying the podcast. If and when we make it out the West coast, we will absolutely hit you up. Thanks again!

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