Episode 1: Reflections on a Refit


The Bonnie Boat Sailing Podcast is the audio adaptation of this very website, with some reflections borne by the benefit of hindsight thrown in for good measure. It is my intention to get the podcast rolling with the story of our ICW trip and eventually begin to expand the scope with more sailing-related content.

Check it out on iTunes, let me know what you think!










3 thoughts on “Episode 1: Reflections on a Refit

  1. Welcome back! I’m so glad you’re telling more of your story. I have a feeling this’ll be my new favorite sailing podcast. Do you take requests? Please devote an episode, or part of one, to your loo. Many sailors I know are curious about composting heads, and it would me fantastic to hear about your experience choosing, modifying, installing, using, cleaning, and just living with one of these aboard. I’m especially keen to know your thoughts on the Squeamish Factor (or SF, a highly scientific scale of measurement). Or . . . to heck with heads, let’s hear whatever you want to tell us about your ICW adventure!

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