The Long Road Home

New Smyrna, Palm Coast, Pine Island, Fernandina, Fredericka River, Crescent River, Cattlepen Creek, Wilmington Island, Bull Creek, Factory Creek, Wappoo Creek, Five Fathom Creek, Bucksport Plantation, Calabash Creek, Southport, Big Lollipop Bay, Goose Creek, Beaufort City Docks. Pheew! Since last we spoke we’ve been pushing hard, trying to bank as many miles as possible to get home by April 1. Where our trip down was a languorous meander, our return has been more of a delivery. From here in Beaufort, NC we have about 250 miles and several large bodies of water ’til we’re home! At this point we’re both pretty ready to get back to Virginia, we’re looking forward to a full size kitchen, regular bathing, and seeing family and friends. At the same time, we’re sitting at the dock, it’s a beautiful Spring day here, and we know it’s going to be tough jumping back into dry-land existence. Despite the increased pace of the journey home, we’ve been fortunate to meet some very fine folks and have enjoyed many gorgeous mornings-afternoons-evenings-nights on the water.



Off Watch



Bridge of Lions, St. Augustine


We had a couple cold mornings in Georgia…Spent a few days holed up in the marsh waiting for some contrary winds to die down enough to get across St. Catharine’s Sound. Wind against tide down there is serious stuff skipper!


Crescent River, Georgia


Lots of current down there in Georgia.


Wanted: A Shower


Southport, NC


This right here is a seal, hanging out on some mud. I’m pretty sure they don’t have seals in North Carolina, and yet here this guy is. I guess they have seals in NC? Extremely advanced animatronic facsimile?

Beaufort, NC has been very cool. When we skipped it on the way down, everyone was like “whaaaaaaat!?” Highlight? The marina has a courtesy car you can use to get groceries and the like. Check out this old warhorse:

25865669335_76bdb3baf8_cTotally sweet right? I like not having driven for a while, and then getting in an ancient over powered station wagon with loose steering and dodgy brakes. It was awesome. So we stuck our heads in the local marine consignment and met a guy who just bought a Pearson Ariel! The first sister-ship of the trip! She’s anchored right down the creek from where we’re tied up! Awesome!


Firefly’s Sister Ship!


Finally, if you’ve been enjoying our blog and are interested in expanding your nautical-blog-horizons, check out We met these guys (who are from right across the river from us in VA!) down in Key Largo while dodging a line of thunderstorms. Very cool folks. Tomorrow, if we can get out this slip without crashing in all this current, we’ll head north for the Neuse! See you on the other side!…of the state line!…knock on wood!

7 thoughts on “The Long Road Home

  1. Been a while since we were in Beaufort, but it’s a cool spot, isn’t it? Is the Backstreet Pub still there? That’s where all the cruisers used to have their pints when we were there. Really fun spot 🙂

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