Keys Disease

Ladies and Gentleman, we are fair-weather sailors and not ashamed to admit it. I will tell you straight up that running downwind at 7 knots is more scary than fun on our little boat. As a result, we are currently holed up in a marina waiting out some excessive wind to continue our journey home. This is what we got up to these past few months.

Got out for a few daysails on Florida Bay…






We did a little modeling for our buddy Jeff’s yacht service company…



Did some dinghy exploring…



And some dinghy sailing…

…and checked out the local breweries…


The best part of our time in the Keys was all the great folks we met. We chased our pals on “Chickadee” from Cocoa all the way to Tavernier, and now we’re besties.


Florida Keys Penguin Research Team: Coldest Place on Earth


Some more crazy kids on a sailboat…with Django the dog!


Tiki Hut People…



There was also an element of this…


I can’t take credit for this particular memey-thing…

So it was with mixed emotions we turned our bow North…after a month tied up to a dock we were ready to be on the move again, but reluctant to leave our friends. Also, we don’t want to be cold. So, with “Bug” on the roof in anticipation of some weather…


…and after dodging some gnarly thunderstorms…


…we had a perfect day of sailing up Biscayne Bay. We set the big genoa, turned on the tiller pilot, and sat on the foredeck watching dolphins play in our wake.



We anchored at No-Name Harbor and met a young couple from White Stone, VA just a stone’s throw from where we keep the boat on the Rappahanock. They’re trying to get back to Virginia by April as well, and are sure to be featured in a later edition of this blog if the crew of “Firefly” can keep up with their blistering pace. We’ll see. Anyways, we left Key Biscayne for a few days of 10,000 bridges, mega-yachts, and wakes…



“Venus,” built for the late Steve Jobs

Northbound we had much less trouble than our way down…turns out running between Lake Worth and Miami on the weekend between Christmas and New Years is a spectacularly terrible idea. Lesson learned. So now you’re caught up! Our goal is to be back by April 1st, so that I can get back to work, and Ryan can start looking. We’ve got a few stops planned at places we missed on the way down, stay tuned eh?


9 thoughts on “Keys Disease

  1. Hey guys,
    Sound like you had an awesome time in the keys! Congratulations on the success of your first cruise. Where are you now?? We’re near ft lauderdale and our plans have changed so we will be heading north to go through the okechobee waterway… any chance we’ll run into you?

  2. I think downwind in general is kind of an uncomfortable point of sail, just with the rolling back and forth back and forth…I read somewhere once that from CA to Hawaii some people do a few looooooonnngggggg tacks rather than going downwind the entire time in the trades, which can be uncomfortable. How many reefs do you have in your mainsail? If you reduced sail area even more would 7kts become fun and not scary???

    • Just the working jib! And really we were surging to 7 occasionally…mainly the boat is hard to control and inside a narrow-ish ICW channel coming up on an opening bridge…you get the idea. Nossuh!

      • haha damn!! I can dig that totally, I feel like 7kts is for sure the Aerial’s hull speed, I would have guessed maybe even a littler slower. I definitely feel frightened/startled often with certain ways the boats moving, heeling, etc, when I’m sailing on small boats.

  3. Great to hear you had quite the adventure this winter. The Bahamas have been very windy this year preventing us from venturing too far from safe harbors. we are still in Hope Town but having a great time. We have friends that have a house on Indian Creek in Va and we stop there from time to time. If you get up to Solomons Island be sure to look us up. Have enjoyed your blog! Jody and Joe on Gemini.

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