West of Here

I hear maybe you got a little bit of snow up there eh? A bit cold perhaps? Normally, inclement weather up North is cause for unseemly gloating on our behalf. Unfortunately this time around it delayed my family’s visit by a few days, and my seesters couldn’t make it down as a result. However, the team rallied and we had a wonderful week long visit with my folks, saw the sights in Key West and Marathon, and generally lived it up. (i.e. enjoyed real beds, full size kitchen, and flush toilets)

Ryan and I rented a car and drove down to the condo in Key West. First time driving in several months…scary.


Scary for Ryan that is.


The aforementioned full size kitchen.


Homemade mango daiquiris? Uhh, please and thank-you.


Our initial plan was to try and get the boat down to Key West in time to meet the family. That didn’t work out weather-wise, so we left the boat at a marina in Tavernier. It ended up for the best- there aren’t any all weather anchorages in Key West, and with the succession of cold fronts bringing winds from all quadrants, we would have had to move the boat every other day! Case in point, we walked down to Sunset Pier and watched the poor sods on anchor bouncing their teeth out. Hard to tell in this picture, but there are 120ft megayachts bucking like a dinghy out there. No thanks.

All that wind made for some interesting beach combing…



We celebrated a belated Christmas, which consisted mostly of my mother asking Ryan if she was warm enough and me if we had enough snacks. Yes, no. (No, no?)


Thanks Ma and Da!

I came down with a wee bit of the sickness, so I hung out at the condo and everyone else went and had fun…I ate all the cookies in the house out of spite.




After recovering from my illness/cookie binge, we checked out the “Little White House” where President Truman came to get out of D.C. Very interesting guy, made a lot of big calls. Supposedly as young man he aspired either to working in politics or playing piano in a brothel, because, no big difference right?


We enjoyed a truly-unfair amount of wonderful meals, how’s all that snow treating ya?


“It’s probably cold and freezing rain in Virginia.” “Hah! Pass the rum.”



Sushi-grade tuna seared on a personal grill? Uhh, please and thank-you.

One of the nice things about living on land is that when it’s windy out, you’re like “eh.” My dad and I lucked out and were able to squeeze in a snorkel trip on the one day that it wasn’t blowing a zillion…

24552938009_11e81ae62a_cVisibility was excellent, we saw a moray eel and a pretty good sized grouper…the blood was pounding in my ears (INNERBEASTAWOKEN) but grouper is closed in Florida this time of year…I am nothing if not slavishly adherent to fisheries regulations.

On our last morning in Key West, we brunched at a place called “Firefly!” Ryan’s dad Joe did the legwork and sent us a gift certificate, thanks Joe! Clearly we were meant to eat here.


Not only that, but the staff was wearing shirts that said “Bug Life.”


Bug is the name of our dinghy, if you haven’t been paying attention.

We were able to get my folks out for a sail on their last day in the Keys, we went out to Butternut Key and anchored up for lunch with the crew of “Chickadee.” Everyone got the full experience when our motor popped off it’s mounting thingy in the outboard well and we anchored under sail…No stress eh?


The brave crew of “Chickadee.”

We had a wonderful time with my family, it reminded me and Ryan of how much we miss everyone back home, but in a good way. We’re looking forward to seeing everyone again soon! My folks winged their way back to the tundra, and we settled back into life aboard. We’ve had all sorts of things afoot here, had some excellent day sails and Keys-Adventures, and have been nominated for a Liebster award by our internet friends from across the pond…check out Tricia “On Gwen!” More on that in a few days…Finally, the title of this post is also a plug for our friends The Curry’s, their new album is called “West of Here,” and you should click on over there.


“That fried Key Lime Pie was so good I’m crying”

5 thoughts on “West of Here

  1. Thanks for memorializing a wonderful week in paradise! We had such a great time – we look forward to the “after party” in April!

  2. wonderful news, great to see the folks enjoying their time with you— you both look superbly healthy, inspite of the cookie binge, and I have never seen a personal grill before… wow!

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