Georgia, Sailors, and The Fuzz

Greetings and salutations from St. Augustine, which, misleading title aside, is in Florida, obvs. We are sitting in the “Dolce Cafe” hanging out and avoiding the copious amount of rain currently falling. We pulled into the Municipal Marina here yesterday, after some wind and wave induced excitement. We were waiting for the “Bridge of Lions” to open with wind, waves, and current not interested in waiting…as a small cruise ship was doing the same coming the opposite way.”Firefly” and her crew did pretty well. Since our last confession we have chugged and motor-sailed through Georgia, met all kinds of cool folks, and finally started hitting some warmer weather. Highlights include:


Drinking large cans of Code Red, delicious delicious ambrosia.


A wonderful meal in an out of the way Georgia backwater called Kilenny Creek . Up early the next day…


At St. Simon’s Island Georgia, as we were rowing into the dinghy dock to do laundry, we started talking to a fellow who has a Pearson Triton, the bigger sister to the Ariel. Upon seeing the name “Atom” on the stern quarter, I immediately knew who this guy was…James Baldwin sailed around the world in “Atom” and wrote “Across Islands and Oceans” about his travels. His website is an excellent resource, one I consulted with during “Firefly’s” restoration, and the level of craftsmanship that is apparent on “Atom” is inspiring, if a bit intimidating. 🙂  Not the best picture, but “Atom” is looking pretty flawless these days.


James offered me a lift to the grocery store, it was pretty cool chatting about boats and sailing with a guy who really knows his stuff. Thanks James!


James, Buddy, Me.

We were also treated to a wonderful boat-home cooked meal by Bob and Janet, who live on their Tartan 34, which Bob has extensively rebuilt and customized. Bob and I nerded out about boats and had a grand old time. Thanks guys!


Let’s see what else…we stopped and explored Cumberland Island a bit. It’s a National Seashore on a barrier island, it’s pretty much completely wild. Very cool, very jungle-esque. This is what the coast from Myrtle Beach to Daytona would look like without the houses.



Had the entire beach to ourselves.



We went through a very dense, and fortunately short section of fog one day…


More exciting weather phenomena…




Upon tying up at the marina here in St. Augustine, we almost immediately ran into Stanley on “Corsair.” We’ve been playing hopskotch with him for some time, we first saw him at the Gilmerton bridge in VA, locked through the Dismal Swamp with him, and were tied up next to him in Elizabeth City. We saw “Corsair” while we were in Wrightsville Beach, but didn’t actually catch up with Stanley until here in St. Augustine. We went out on the town with him and his friend Jeff, and had far too much fun.


Jeff is working on getting a beautiful 54 foot yawl back into trim, delivers boats professionally through his company Scurvy Dog Yacht Services, and between he and Stanley we were up to our gills in sea stories. And wine. Jeff drove us around to pick up some charts and showed us his boat…pretty sweet. He’s a fellow wordpress blogger, check it out!

Finally the aforementioned “Fuzz.” As we were approaching the Vero Beach bridge, a US Border Patrol and Customs boat blew past us, then made a harrrrrrrd turn to port to come alongside…This is a serious looking boat ladies and gents, about 45 feet, deep v hull, and 4x300HP motors on the back! Good Lord that thing could move! Anyways the guys onboard were very friendly, super professional, and had some very specific questions about our whereabouts the past few days…I assume a small sailboat out on a grey day near an ocean inlet piloted by a scroungy looking fella warranted a closer inspection. Pretty exciting eh?

We’re here another day, and then onward through Florida!




9 thoughts on “Georgia, Sailors, and The Fuzz

  1. Just checked in with your blog and see that we are not that far away. Jody had to fly back home for work when we were at St. Augustine. I just spent 2 days at anchor near Fort Mantanzas with lots of wind and rain. Today I traveled to Palm Coast and am at Hammock Beach Marina. I have old friends from Chicago who live near and hope to get together with them. From here it is on to Daytona and then I have to find a place to leave Gemini while I fly back for Jody’s retirement party. We will be back on the boat around Dec 29th. So you will probably be way south of us by then. If we don’t see you have a great Christmas and I really enjoy your blog!

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