A Dinghy Named Bug

We’re getting ready to get down over here at the Bonnie Boat, Ryan and I finished up our last week of work, and are just about moved out of the land house. One of the last remaining major boat projects (there’s about 1.3 zillion minor-moderate projects) is the completion of our dinghy. We scoured the interwebs searching for a used one of the appropriate dimensions, but to no avail. We considered an inflatable, but they don’t row all that well, and are expensive. So we decided to build our own. We chose a design called “Scraps” by John Wellsford, a Kiwi small boat designer. It’s a pretty, if tubby little design, and was supposedly easy and quick to build. Well, it’s taken much longer, and has been much more challenging than anticipated (what’s new eh?) but we’re just about ready to slap some paint on and go for a spin.

Lofting the plans

Assembling the Frames

Starting to look like a bug…

The seat runs fore and aft and stiffens up the whole works

Definitely gonna call this boat “bug”

Gluing up the Gunwales…that’s Gun-uls

Glassing up

The frame extensions served as the building jig…we’ll chop them down once we’re done painting

I’m pretty pleased with the little boat so far, I think it would have been a more pleasant project if we weren’t under the gun to finish it quickly, but it’s been cool to watch it come together. It’s also surprisingly light, I don’t think either of us will have any trouble hauling it about. We’re planning on towing the dinghy much of the time, but it should fit on the cabintop behind the mast (barely) if the weather kicks up. We’ve got all sorts of malarkey afoot getting ready for our trip, we’ll fill you in next time!

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