So the choice is made,

our fate taken in hand,

along with sheet and tiller,

and entrusted to wind and tide.

In a few short weeks, Ryan and I are sailing South down the Intracoastal Waterway and beyond! As you can see, the anticipation has me feeling poetical, excited, and a touch melodramatic. We have a very large amount of preparation still remaining, but “Firefly” is sound and we could leave tomorrow if we wanted…it would just be a bit like camping inside a small wet closet. So the boat work continues, and I’ll fill you in as we go. For the moment, my heartfelt thanks to everyone for following along with us to here, I’ve enjoyed chronicling our misadventures in epoxy, and I very much appreciate the kind words and attention from you fine folks. The adventures are far from over, we’ll be posting updates on the preparations and during our travels. Here’s a summary of the story so far…in nothing resembling chronological order.




Two by two hands of blue



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