At Long Last!

She swims!

And let me tell you, we are excited. It’s a bit hard to put into words how it felt to watch “Firefly” take to the water after almost 2 years of hard work. Pretty gorram awesome.

My family and Ryan’s mom came down a few days later to visit and help celebrate.

And I walked around saying nautical things, adjusting mooring lines, and obsessively checking the bilge for leaks until I finally accepted that my ‘glasswork held, and the boat is in the water! Hoo boy!

We have a few tales to tell about engine excitement and docking thrills, but I’ll save those for another post. Today I got the mast tuned up and worked a few kinks out of the motor, soon we’ll be sailing!

5 thoughts on “At Long Last!

  1. I was worried that all the champagne was going to be used for decorative purposes for Firefly – so glad to see my daughter-in-law put it to proper use!

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