Chain of Fools

A little while back we were getting ready to purchase our halyards, and I was clicking about on the interwebs trying to find a good price on Sta-Set, which is fancy boat-rope. I found what I thought might have been an error on the West Marine website…they had 600′ spools on sale for the price of 1′ of line. If it had been any other retailer, I may have felt guilty about trying to exploit some poor programmer’s mistake. West Marine however, is worthy of no such sympathy. So I placed an order and waited. I figured worst case scenario, I would have a 1′ length of rope to check that I had the correct diameter, best case I would get an entire roll of the stuff. Predictably enough, the package arrived and contained a single 1 ft length of 3/8″ Sta-Set.

Cliche Lesson 1: There is no such thing as a free lunch.

Cliche Lesson Number 2: Cross yer t’s and dot yer i’s.

As related in the previous post, our first attempt at launching “Firefly” was stymied by a stuck thru-hull fitting. In the process of trying to unstuck said stuck fitting, I snapped the handle off the wrench which operates the thru-hull valve. Which brings me to our first bit of interior decorating in “Firefly,” our very own chain of fools.

Just a little reminder to ourselves not to get complacent. A less gruesome version of Ser Davos’ knuckle bones. (As if this blog doesn’t have enough nerdy references…)

With the thru-hulls out, everything glassed up and painted, we are ready to try again, one more time with feeling. I am extremely excited. Ryan is extremely excited. I am confident in the work we’ve done. We will sink or swim by our own devices (mostly sanders and grinders)(and cliches)(and puns)(perhaps even soliloquy at this point). We’ll keep our fingers crossed, knock on wood, and hope for a little luck from our new talisman. We’ll let you know how it goes.


2 thoughts on “Chain of Fools

  1. Hey you guys should definitely contact west marine, if their error is still there they should have to honor their price.
    I once got a 25 pack of spark plugs for my motorcycle for 2 bucks, with the same type of thing. They sent me one plug, until I pointed out the ad said per 25. Boat looks great by the way!!!

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