The Good News, The Bad News

The good news is Firefly looks damn fine in her natural element.

The bad news is that she is not exactly 100% watertight. It would seem that one particular thru-hull was not quiiiiiiiiiiiiite all the way closed, and the valve had completely corroded into place. There was no turning it, no banging it, no coercing it to be anything other than slightly open and admitting water. So after about an hour we decided to haul back out and take care of it properly. Needless to say Ryan and I both were pretty bummed, but the guys at the marina were really helpful and cheered us up a bit.

After feeling pretty stupid about not checking this sort of thing a bit more thoroughly, I got to work pulling the old fittings and glassing over the holes. No sense in half measures at this point. A timeline in photos:

Taking out self-loathing on inanimate objects.

The other good news is that the only thing that leaked was the one recalcitrant fitting. The other holes I’ve patched and assorted glasswork I’ve done didn’t so much as weep a drop. Even so, we decided to take the other thru-hulls out as a precaution. Do I wish I had a little more foresight? Absolutely. Would I have rather been sailing this weekend instead of grinding fiberglass? You bet. That being said I will feel much more confident in the boat without 40 year old fittings below the waterline, and when Firefly does finally make it into the water, she’ll be better for it. Until then, dear reader…

2 thoughts on “The Good News, The Bad News

  1. I put all marelon seacocks and through hulls on my old boat bedded in polysulfide w/glassed in backing plates. Fifteen years later, hey were in the same condition as the day I put them in. A little petroleum jelly is all they need to keep them working. Corrosion is not such an issue on the Great Lakes but electrolysis can happen anywhere stray current is involved (marinas).

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