Today I Poked a Squirrel With a Stick

As an avid reader of other-people’s-sailing-blogs, a major theme I have noticed among sea-faring folk is the crazy people one meets while working in the boatyard. According to the interwebs, boatyards are populated by wide-eyed dreamers, slack-jawed drunks, and people who are just plain nuts. Here at the marina though, everybody is extremely nice, very friendly, and downright normalAdmittedly I had a brief passive-aggressive battle with another boatyard lurker in which we would unplug each other’s power cables under the assumption that the other guy was causing the breaker to flip (turns out it was someone else who left their entire boat plugged into a single socket). The diesel mechanic who works in the yard has some pretty wild stories from his days in the Coast Guard (mostly people’s boats sinking), but really there’s no one there who I would say ranks any more than a “colorful character” rating, much less a frothing marlinspike wielding sociopath.

I think there’s a real possibility that I’m the crazy guy in the boatyard.


I have become enemies with the titular boatyard squirrels. The other day I was working down below and heard one scramble across the deck. I stuck my head out the forward hatch in time to see him jump across to the boat in front of us and disappear into a hole in the transom. I grabbed the boat hook and poked the beast until he retreated, screamed at him in violently explicit terms the consequences of further encroachment upon my beloved, upon which he scrambled back into the hole. Oh well, not my boat.

Squirrel Hole

On the other hand, my malice towards rodents does not extend to the Lagomorphs. We have befriended one boatyard bun in particular.

Ryan says I mutter and exclaim to myself while working, but doesn’t everybody? If it won’t fit, cuss it.

While we’re waiting for the marina to get the trailer fixed, we’ve reattached the stanchions, installed the nav lights on the mast (which would have sucked with the mast in the boat), and installed the motor. Looking to get some interior painting done this weekend and maybe install the head as well.

First step of re-bedding stanchions: drill oversize holes and fill with epoxy

Steaming light: USCG approved to 2 NM and battery powered!

Long Shaft


2 thoughts on “Today I Poked a Squirrel With a Stick

  1. we have a condo right by the icw in ft pierce fl would like to see you on the way down i could pick you up and bring you to re provision ed

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