Greatest Hits

The past few weeks have been like a greatest hits of boatwork. After having an unpleasant case of deja-vu while sanding old bottom paint off in the patches under the jackstands, I’ve been enjoying putting everything I previously tore apart back together. We have checked just about everything off the before-launch checklist. We spent a few hours this weekend doing some touch up paint on the hull and finished rigging the mast…

Me and Ryan take pictures of Ryan and I taking pictures of the mast

We coated all the metal bits in Lanacote, which is rendered sheeps fat with some stabilizer added, I think. It stops things from corroding in the marine environment, and smells like death. We also put together some last minute chafe guards on the spreader tips.

That’s an old pair of boots chopped up and affixed with shoelaces. I’m actually pretty proud of that one.

We attached the metal strap which would prevent the rudder from falling out of the boat if the rudder shoe were to fall off. Longtime readers may recall the fun involved in removing that piece originally.

We put the finishing touches on the outboard well plug.

Chevron One Encoded

Speaking of the outboard well, I drove up to “Bobby’s Marine” on the Northern Neck and purchased a brand-spanking new outboad motor! It’s a Tohatsu 6HP long-shaft, and her name is Kaylee.

Many, many thanks to my folks for helping us out with the motor. They were very generous (worried?) and we certainly have acquired reliable propulsion. The fellas on the Pearson Ariel forums swear by these engines, and Bobby said he sells alot of them and almost never has to work on ’em.

Finally, we got the bottom painted!

The marina offers a deal on winter storage- free with a bottom job. Despite winter being long past, the good folks here hooked us up, and I must say, it looks friggin’ sharp.

Hopefully our next post will be entitled “Launch Day.”

8 thoughts on “Greatest Hits

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  2. Nice to read the good words about the Tohatsu 6… as I just bought one myself. Haven’t yet given it a name, though. Scotty, perhaps? 🙂 Great blog, btw!

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