The interwebs told me butyl tape>3M 5200, so I went with it.


2 thoughts on “Chainplates

  1. Hi Chris and Ryan, been a while since I checked in. Wow! You’ve made great progress and I continue to be impressed with your workmanship and perserverence. Went back and tried to catch up on your blog. Had to laugh at the “messies”. I’m the same way–totally disorganized–you should see my shop! Unfortunately, I have to tell you that as you get older, it doesn’t work so well because you can no longer remember where you placed a vital tool or resource. So now at my advanced age I’m paying the price for lack of organization. I fervently hope this doesn’t happen to you.
    I think I told you that you’ve revived my passion for sailing and I have now have begun perusing the “boats for sale” columns in different media. Right now just daydreaming but it may come to something.
    BTW, I’m also impressed with your (both Chris and Ryan) writing style and spontaneity. I believe your blog could easily be adapted into a book which would do quite well in the sailing community (especially for noobs). I remember spending a fortune on anything sailing-related when I first got into the game.
    That’s all for now. Cheers. Glenn Schumaker

    • Hey Glenn,

      Great to hear from you and thanks so much for the kind words! I totally hear you about being organized…it takes all of a few hours for my workspace to go from neat and orderly to complete chaos. Hope you can get on the water someday soon!

      -Chris and Ryan

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