A Lever Long Enough

Archimedes reputedly stated “Give me a lever long enough and I’ll move the world.” Our aspirations aren’t quite so lofty here at the Bonnie Boat, but we do love our simple machines. (Ok, I love my simple machines. Levers in particular.)(And perhaps the occasional spanish windlass) The object to be levered in this case was a recalcitrant thru-hull, aka “seacock.” (don’t google that) I was idly poking about the boat about a month ago when I noticed that the seacock attached to the old sewage discharge was slightly open…I vaguely remember fiddling with it when we first hauled the boat out. I think my buddy Darbs was with me (who was working at a boatyard at the time) and he said something like “don’t touch that.” I should have listened.

The offending orifice is the one on the right. Pic circa 2013

The offending orifice is the one on the right. Pic circa 2013

At any rate, I tried shutting the valve with no luck. I began a steady ration of PB Blaster- every time I was at the boat, I would shoot a bunch of lubricant (into the seacock) from both sides. Still very, very stuck. I took all the nuts and grease fittings off. I checked the forums and the interwebs, still stuck. I came across a suggestion somewhere to fit a length of pipe over the end of a wrench, but I was worried about applying that much leverage to the hull. I cut a section of dowel and wedged it between the fitting and the main bulkhead, to avoid cracking the hull…

And by God it worked!

That right there is what a closed seacock looks like.

In other non-seacock related things, our good friends the Curry’s are getting ready to record their second album. I’ve plugged their music here before, but if you haven’t already done so, click on over here to check out their Kickstarter. I’m pretty sure that these guys are really talented, and I’m not just biased because they’re good friends. Ryan and I listen to their first album all the time, and we’re excited to get our hands on the next one.

Finally, I’d like to give a shout out and a very big thanks to the generous owner of Pearson Ariel hull # 393, who helped us reach our fundraising goal for this year’s Race for the Cure. We were both very grateful, and excited to see that people are reading the blog other than our parents. Thanks!


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