Birthday Magic

When I told Ryan that I wanted to subject our friends to experimental boat projects in observance of my birthday, she was disappointed, but not surprised. I’d been saving this particular project for the presence of many hands, and Ryan’s promise of a (wonderful) picnic was enough to lure our unsuspecting victims…

Everyone’s all smiles until the noxious chemicals come out

The task at hand(s) was the construction of a new plug for the outboard motor well in the lazarette. For those of you not fluent in boat-ese, that’s the hole in the back of the boat where the outboard will go. Here’s a pic from another fellow with a Pearson Ariel.

So what we were putting together is the plug which fills that hole when the outboard is not in service. One of the previous owners had fiberglassed the original plug in place when they had converted the boat to an inboard diesel…instead of tearing all that up the plan is to cut out the bottom, clean up the edges, and leave the majority of the old plug in place. Does that make any sense? Anyways, before cutting holes in the boat I decided to use the current well as a form, fill it with marine expanding foam, which will then be epoxied and used as the new plug. With the crew beaten into submission, we arrived at a plan. Jared would pour the foam into a bucket, I would mix with a drill powered paddle for 35 sec, Jared would then pour the foam into the well (you have 45 sec before it starts expanding), I would position the lid of the soon-to-be plug, me and Jared jump on top of the lid to prevent foam from spraying everywhere, and Ryan and Kim would sweep in to further secure with clamps. I gave this about a 50 percent chance of working.

Jared took this while he and I were standing on the plug and Ryan and Kim were clamping. That’s what’s happening in this picture.

So we went and enjoyed an excellent dinner courtesy of Ryan while the foam set up, came back and tried to pull the plug out.

We readjusted.

I tried looking at it from a different angle. (didn’t help)

Eventually, after significant quantities of elbow grease, the thingy popped out.

“I can’t believe this shit worked”

Pretty nifty.


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