Sander Hand

A state in the extremities caused by prolonged exposure to high-frequency vibrations, characterized by a pins and needles sensation in the phalanges, reduced fine motor control, and cognitive impairment.

The next major project is repainting the deck, I’ve got everything prepped for an epoxy coat, just waiting on some warmer weather. After scrubbing the deck and sanding everything with 60 grit, I realized that I will have sanded just about every inch of the boat, inside and out, twice or more by the time we launch. I’m really sick of sanding.

In the meantime I’ve knocked out some little odd jobs- I switched out the cockpit drain thru hull hose for one a bit larger, which fits very snugly and does not leak. I fixed the cabin sole hatch thingy…

The hatch sits on two wood ledges that were previously held in place with gorilla glue, I think. A few weeks back I stepped on the hatch and busted right through the cabin sole! So that is now properly affixed.

I cut out the last section of the counter-top, which will also be the top stair of the companionway ladder…

If the bracing looks asymmetric, that’s because it is. I left room for the sink, which is currently not-procured, and therefore of unknown dimensions.

There’s a biiiiiiiit of a gap at that back corner, but I’m gonna blame that on Pearson. My cuts are square. Ish.

Finally, the old manual bilge pump stopped bilgeing. It seems like there’s an issue with the seals, so I ordered a rebuild kit for “THE GUZZLER,” and I think we’ll be in business.



2 thoughts on “Sander Hand

  1. I am all too familiar with “sander hands.” My wife and I too have sanded every square inch of ROGUE, inside and out, at least once, mostly twice or more. I feel your pain! Keep up the good work. Looks like things are coming together.


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