Sigh of Relief

Today Ryan and I test fit the rudder and thankfully, everything fits nicely. I had to do a liiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiitle bit of trimming to make the upper edge of the rudder fit where it’s supposed to, just a moment’s work with the jigsaw. My main concern was being able to rotate the rudder/rudder post assembly enough to drive the bolts holding the upper part of the rudder post into their respective holes. A bit hard to describe in words, it was a two-person job holding everything in place so no pics, sorry. I am extremely relieved that the 2+ months I’ve spent putting the rudder together have not been in vain. Now it’s a waiting game until the weather warms up enough for epoxy to set. In the meantime I’ve started work on putting the cabin back together a bit…

That’s the hole where the engine used to be, I put down some 1/2″ plywood on top of the the old engine bed. This will probably be where the 12V batteries end up living. I put a wee hatch in so I can access the inevitable dropped wrench in the bilge.

I also decided to check the cockpit drain hoses I put in a little while back for leaks. I plugged up the drains from the outside and filled the cockpit with a garden hose. The drain hose I suspected of being just a bit too short, is in fact too short, and will have to be replaced again. Oh well. While I was down there, I tried tracing the source of a mystery hose…

This guy runs from the starboard cockpit drain fitting to this bulkhead, and completely disappears. (That nasty crud is old insulation from when the engine lived here) I stuck my head in every locker and crevice I could think of, but this hose disappears into nothing. I suspect it may be a drain for the ice box, but there’s no drain in evidence inside the cooler. So I decided to cut it out and forget about it.

Next I started putting a new counter top in. I’m using as much of the old framing as I can. First up is the nailer that runs along the rear bulkhead…

Some test fitting…

The outboard edge butts up against the hull, which is of course slightly curved. It took a bit of “try and fit” and some half-assed spiling to get it “good enough.”

I put in another wee hatch to make it easier to get at the back of the outboard locker. As you can see this is all pretty rough and ready carpentry, but it’s a sailboat not a shrine.

Everybody think Spring!

Springtime, Springtime, Springtime, Springtime

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