Noble Sacrifice; Treasured Memories Drowned in Poison

Today, I ran out of solo cups. The aforementioned memories of discounted college beer and my formative sailing experience with the Boy Scouts are now filled with epoxy residue and acetone, respectively. It was cold and snow-raining and I didn’t feel like driving to the store. Ryan gave me permission to sacrifice her Green Leafe Mug from Mug Night, and I felt it only right to match her sacrifice with one of equal gravitas. (In reality, the time since either of these chalices has been full can nearly be measured in decades…) Speaking of that snow…

Fortunately the snow has not stalled progress on the steery-thing. After verifying one last time that everything fit where it was supposed to…

…I beveled all the edges. Fiberglass doesn’t like to take right angles, nice easy curves let the glass lie smooth and bond well.

I filed down the bolt heads on the rudder stock and filled in the remaining spaces with thickened epoxy, and then started glassing…

I’ve put down three layers on each side, all that’s left now is to glass in the recess for the rudder strap and a few other tricky spots. Once the weather warms up, we’ll attach the rudder to the boat, fill in the three access holes for the bolts, glass in the upper section of the rudder stock, slap a coat of paint on, and check it off the list. Soon!


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