“Samsara” or the return of “Purple Goop”

Buddhists believe that life is one great revolving wheel, that existence is cyclical. I would ask what evidence these beliefs are based on, and yet here we are again, spreading globs of Purple Goop once more. Perhaps the Buddhists are onto something. Or maybe the epoxy is getting to my brain.

We glued balsa on each face of the rudder…

And dispensed the purple goop, aka West System 407. This a easily sanding fairing compound, helps get a nice smooth surface.

We hit some record lows here in Gloucester, enough to freeze up the creek!

Til next time…

4 thoughts on ““Samsara” or the return of “Purple Goop”

  1. Looking good, it did get quite cold here in VA. Here in Norfolk, the snow and temps make for some interesting travel to say the least. But today felt good.
    Thank you for sharing

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