Potty Talk

It’s been lying in wait since we first laid eyes on her, but the prolonged procrastination is at an end. Ladies and gents, a bag full of a stranger’s urine.

Actually the reality of removing this “shit” wasn’t nearly as bad as I imagined. I’m also fairly certain that the mysterious green liquid is anti-freeze, not urine. So thanks former owner for pumping out the holding bag (bladder if you will) and taking my future renovation-innovations into consideration! After about an hour I had the old toilet, the holding bag, and all the associated plumbing ripped out, gingerly carried up the companionway (which is missing steps at the moment), down the ladder, and properly disposed of. We’re hoping to hit up the spring boat show in Annapolis to check out composting toilets. “Heady” stuff.


In other news, the rudder build is progressing nicely; hope to have everything glued up within the week, updates to follow. Until next time, keep ‘er between the navigational buoys.

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