Drowning in Rudders

When I first started planning the rudder build, Ryan suggested we name the rudder. I believe I shall name it Lucifer, in honor of its lineage. About the only good news I have is that it more or less fits where it’s supposed to…

According to the Pearson Ariel forums, the rudder is most efficient when the upper gap between the rudder and the hull is “about the width of a well worn dime.” Clearly I’ll have to tweak the shape a bit there.

This is what the matching faces of the rudder look like- unfortunately despite trying to be accurate down to the 32nd of an inch, the two halves didn’t quite match up cleanly. I think lining up the guides for the router was the source of error- take + or – a half-width of a pen line and multiply it by 12 (the number of cuts for both faces) and it adds up to just enough to throw everything off. Right now I’m working on a jig to remedy that problem. (I’m on jig v2.5, perhaps the post should have been named “Swimming in Jigs”)


Annnnnd it worked!

Pretty excited that everything lined up, all told I’ve got about 30 hrs invested in the rudder so far, hopefully I’ll be able to get the real one finished up soon. Stay frosty there folks.


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