New Years High-Res

Actually they’re all just ordinary I-phone photos.

The yard is full up now, boats hauled for bottom jobs, overhauls, and winter tasks. We’ve gone from having our own little corner of the boatyard to being surrounded by boats of all shapes and sizes.

“Ivresse” is another Alberg design near us in the yard, I think she’s a Cape Dory, just a bit bigger than us.

Dedicated reader(s?) may recall last year’s resolution was to launch in 2014… clearly we’re gonna have to roll that one over. I’m happy with the progress that’s been made though; supposedly everything takes twice as long and costs three times as much but I think we’ve managed to keep costs down and work moving along nicely. I do occasionally get demoralized by the sheer volume of work remaining- case in point the cabinetry inside the cabin.

I was hoping to just cut a section of this counter top out and use the existing cabinets as a form, but the nailer than runs along the aft bulkhead had completely pulled out, necessating this:

It shouldn’t be significantly more difficult to replace the whole counter top, I’m definitely glad for the hoss jigsaw that some buddies of mine got me for a wedding gift. (Thanks doods)

In an effort to convince myself that we will indeed launch by Spring ( there I said it) here are before and after photos of the work we’ve done this year. Thanks for reading, hopefully we’ll be able to take some of you good folks out this summer!






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