Winter Is Coming

Damn if it didn’t get cold all of a sudden…




I finally stopped procrastinating on scraping the deck and jumped into that today. The paint was in such rough shape that it came up pretty easy.

It looks like what happened is that sometime in the distant past the non-skid (which is the textured green part) wore out and was painted over. Now that layer of paint has failed- unfortunately in some places the non-skid is also coming up. I’ve pretty much ruled out pulling up all the old non-skid- I believe it’s original and in most places is integral with the fiberglass deck. So that leaves me with figuring out a way to get paint to bond nicely with the old non-skid. I’ve got a few ideas cooking, but I don’t have to decide anything until I’m done scraping/ the weather warms up.

In other news my Uncle Tom wins the prize for successfully guessing the new name of the boat… a few more hints for everyone else.


and here

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4 thoughts on “Winter Is Coming

    • Hey Joe,

      We will definitely be adding new non-skid, probably sand over a fresh coat of paint. I think you and I spoke abou shaking it on with a coffee can with holes in the bottom- something along those lines.

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