Core Workout

The weather is starting change here, we got our first taste of cold weather this past weekend- wind gusts hit 45 mph! I arrived at the yard on Sunday to discover our neighbors boom blowing around and slamming up against the lee shrouds. Not wanting his mast in my boat, I invited myself aboard and secured everything. Today I put what will hopefully be the last coat of paint on the transom- hard to tell how it turned out in the dark though… thanks DST.

I’ve been trying to finish up the last of the deck re-core project while the temperature is still high enough for epoxy to cure. The fast hardener (West System 205) is good down to 40 degrees, but it gets pretty syrupy and hard to work with when it’s that cold.

In fact these last few sections have gone pretty quickly- I’ve almost gotten good at it. As you can see in the last picture, for some portions I was able to re-use the upper layer of decking instead of laying in new glass.

In order to get at a few of these little rotten sections, I removed the rest of the stanchions, which are the vertical pieces of stainless steel pipe which hold up the lifelines. My buddy Darbs came by to lend a hand- much easier to remove bolts without resorting to this nonsense:

Thanks Darbs!

Pretty soon it will be on to winter projects- rudder and rig! And scraping the deck.

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