Paint Prep

Keep your fingers crossed for good weather this weekend…

Got a few boxes of 2-part polyurethane topside paint and its associated solvents, primers, and thinners. In addition to looking boss, 2 part paints have an excellent level of protection for aging gelcoat. I’ve got some pretty high expectations for this stuff- apparently it results in a “better-than-new” finish, as such I’ve been doing my due diligence by reading up and getting the prep work underway.

Don Casey’s book is pretty much my Bible these days. The Epifanes literature is a bit more like Cosmo for boats.

Finished fairing the topsides, unfortunately my tired, aching arms weren’t the only casualties…

So while I waited on replacement parts from Bosch (who were quite helpful BT dubs), I cut out the last big rotten section of deck and got a few layers of glass down.

Mostly I’m getting excited for this coming weekend. Ryan’s dad Joe is coming down to give us a hand…Hopefully next post will include some pics of the fancy new paint job!


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