Acetone>Solo Cup

After filling the gaps in the hull-to-deck joint with thickened epoxy, sanding, fairing, then sanding again, I started laying the first layer of glass along the seam. In general the sequence for prepping a surface for fiberglass/ epoxy resin is to grind with 36 grit sandpaper and then rinse with acetone. The grinding provides some “tooth” for the epoxy to adhere to and the acetone binds and then evaporates any contaminants off the surface.  I’ve had a few other misadventures melting things with chemicals, and today I found that acetone will eat through a solo cup in about 45 seconds.

Duly noted

Progress is being made, but I have to keep telling myself that this is a marathon not a sprint. Case in point, here are the major tasks remaining:

  • Fair topsides
  • Paint topsides
  • Build rudder (!)
  • Paint the mast
  • Replace standing rigging ($)
  • Cut out rotten sections of deck (:-( )

Slow and steady, until next time…


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