Never Change a Winner

A good friend of mine says “Never change a winner, always change a loser.” He probably isn’t talking about grinding pads, but around here sanding devices are a subject of much consternation. At any rate, after much trial and error I settled on the right tool and attachment for stripping the topside paint and promptly burned through the entire stock of these guys from Lowes.

Inevitably, they won’t be getting any more in. I tried a coarser finishing pad, I tried a fine grit sand paper on a disc sander, everything chewed through the paint just fine but ended up eating gelcoat and ‘glass as well. Helloooo torture board.

The aforementioned plank of pain

The point of the story is I’ve finally just accepted that these things are in the Goldilocks zone of grinding, and must be acquired at any cost. I’ve just about used up the first batch of epoxy resin, fiberglass cloth, and core material as well. Lesson learned.  Never change a winner.





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