Annapolis, Yorktown, and Louis C.K.

On our way back from a having a grand-old time at our friend’s wedding we stopped in Annapolis for dinner. Couldn’t help but snap a few of these badass old sandbaggers in the harbor.

Apparently these were among the first class of sailboats dedicated to racing in the United States. They evolved from oyster boats in New York Harbor and along the Jersey coast. No limit to sail area!

That right there is an 18 ft bowsprit. Bowsprit envy anyone?

Here’s me in Yorktown in front of the Lynx, looking like Louis CK, with no hands.



2 thoughts on “Annapolis, Yorktown, and Louis C.K.

  1. Enjoy your blog and watching the progress on the boat. We sail our Alberg 30 out of the Little Creek area, not too far. We will be pulling her soon for a 1yr or 3 refit. Time and money will dictate that. Anyway, keep up the good work and if you ever get to the southside maybe we can meet up for a beer.

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