Me and my boat

Want to get a bigger boat? Just pick up a sander, everytime I do I swear the boat grows by a foot. As in other activities involving friction, it seems removing paint from boat parts is all about finding the sweet spot of not too much and not too little. After attempting to remove paint from both the rudder stock and the topsides with chemical stripper, I became completely fed-up with the glacial pace of scraping 40 years worth of paint by hand and busted out the grinder. If the topside finish ends up being a little wavy, I’ll just pour myself another beer.

In addition to increased consumption of adult-beverages, another pattern seems to be emerging through this re-build: I bang my head against the wall doing something the hard way until someone says “try your rotary tools.” (Thanks JT) At any rate, in this case it was a matter of finding the right attachment for the grinder. I ended up going with fine-grit finishing pads as a good balance between decent speed of material removal without risking cutting into the fiberglass. It took me about 3.5 hours to do 25% of the boat, once again it looks like there is grinding in my future.

In the immortal words of Tobias Funke, I’m afraid I blue myself

The rudderstock on the other hand went quick, once I get a chance I’ll be bringing this down to the machinist to do some welding/brazing (I think bronze is brazed as opposed to welded)(maybe) Soon enough the wood chips (and profanities) will fly on the Ariel’s new rudder.

Shiny! Let’s be bad guys. 


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