Money is No Object

When asked how much it cost to outfit a boat and set off voyaging, the famous French sailor Bernard Moitissier quipped “everything you have.” Jerome Fitzgerald, a lesser-known sailor/writer says that sailboats aren’t powered by the wind, they are powered by money. There are innumerable true-isms along these lines- Bring Out Another Thousand, a hole in the water into which one pours money, etc. And it’s all a load of crap. Let me explain.

This guy sailed from New England to Florida with sails made of blue tarps. capn_freddy_tarp

These folks build boats smaller than my van and regularly cross the Gulf Stream to the Bahamas.

Joshua Slocum rebuilt a tired old fishing boat and sailed around the world. Alone. Before people did that sort of thing.

The point is money doesn’t move sailboats, or anything for that matter. Desire does, boots on the ground. Pulling the trigger, going for it. You just have to want it bad enough and make choices that consistently move you towards your goal.

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