Purple Goop

Despite the fact that it’s blowing 25-30 and Monday it was snowing, this past Sunday was beautiful and more importantly the temperature was within the range suitable for mixing epoxy. We’re getting more efficient at applying this stuff, we’ve got about 75% of the hull covered in sticky, purple goop. The plan is to fill in all the cracks in the gel coat, sand it fair, then cover everything with a high-build epoxy paint to seal it up. Originally I was planning on doing the same to the top sides, but after taking the paint off the transom with a grinder I discovered that A) the gel coat is in pretty good shape above the waterline and B) the amount of fairing required after I tear everything up with the grinder would be substantial.

With the weather deteriorating we’re back in a holding pattern, and I’m trying to make patterns for the rudder. More on that when I have something to show. Until then, here’s a photo of Ryan showing off some chemicals.


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