The Ra Sessions

Music is how Ryan and I met and in many ways is what brought us together. The two of us have been making music together in various iterations for nearly ten years. We’d like to introduce you to our new project, The Ra Sessions. We have not in fact decided to start worshiping an ancient Egyptian deity, but have decided to begin performing under the name “The Bonnie Boat.” Here we’ll be posting videos of both original tunes and some favorite covers. Much of it will be thematically linked to the ocean and nautical endeavors, some of it will simply be tunes we like to play. Hopefully we’ll rope some of our very talented musical friends into joining us . Thanks for checking us out, hit us up with requests, and stay tuned for more!

Watch the video and see if you can figure out why we decided to call these movies the Ra Sessions…

2 thoughts on “The Ra Sessions

  1. I thought the ship was the Kon Tiki, but thinking back I guess that was just the RAFT. Glad that you got custody of the picture.

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