Misadventures in Epoxy

We took advantage of the nice weather to get some epoxying done. Mixed up a batch with West Marine’s 407 low density fairing dust stuff, pretty much = marine grade bondo. The idea is to work it into the cracks of the gelcoat then fair everything up in preparation for painting. The first application was a bit heavy and will probably require quite a bit of sanding, but the second time around we got the hang of it and I think it looks pretty good. We got about 30% of the underbody done  in about 3 hours.

The 407 mixed with the resin is a reddish color, just about the same shade as the old bottom paint. After all those hours of scraping away at the hull, it now looks like it did when we started. On the bright side, I found a pair of sunglasses on the boat. Sweet!


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