Rudder: Part 1 of ?

As you can see it has both been cold here and I’ve discovered how to use filters on my iPhone. Got out to the boat this afternoon with the goal of getting the rudder pulled off. First step; drill out the copper (bronze?) pins holding the strap which holds the rudder post in the keel shoe thing, the whole of which the rudder is attached to. Got it?

Whelp that didn’t work so well, so on to plan B courtesy of kindly readers of the last post- cut it out with the dremel! Dremel tools kick ass B T DUBS, and in short order I had the pins cut and the strap removed. I’ll have to grind out and fill the holes and gouges with epoxy once it warms up. With the strap removed, all that was left was to lift the rudder shaft out of the keel shoe and drop the whole assembly on the ground.

Of course it wasn’t meant to be. Turns out the rudder shaft doesn’t quite clear the prop, so I’ll have to pull that off. The prop is affixed to the prop shaft via a clevis pin (cotter pin?) and two threaded nuts about 1 1/4″. Unfortunately I didn’t have any wenches large enough to twist the nuts off the shaft. Sorry, wrenches. That sounds like a job for Super Bowl Sunday!


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