Pinned Down

You may recall from an earlier post that “Old Salt” needs a new rudder. First step is to pull the old one off, and as with everything else boat related, easier said than done. The rudderstock drops into a lead shoe on the base of the keel, and is prevented from moving fore or aft by a copper strap about halfway up the stock. What I gather from the good folks over at the Pearson Ariel Association   is that the whole system has enough play in it that by removing the copper strap, you can jimmy the rudderstock out of the lead shoe and drop the whole mess out of the boat. Which brings us to the current opportunity-for-learning-through-adversity. The copper strap is secured to the hull via two copper pins about 1/4″ in diameter, and they’re in there for serious. The only thing I can think of is to start drilling them out with progressively larger drill bits. I’m hoping someone here or over at the Ariel forums will confirm this or tell me I’m crazy and that I just need to _____.

In other news, Darth Vader came out to the boat this weekend to lend a hand.

As you can see we’ve finished grinding down 99% of the hull, I just need to go over some of the curvy parts with the orbital sander to finish up. We’re expecting a whole pile of snow here this afternoon, otherwise I’d be out at the boat! Later folks.


8 thoughts on “Pinned Down

  1. Chris, Drilling seems like the best idea if you’re going to re-use the strap. Otherwise, I’d be inclined to start by cutting across the strap (say, w/ a Dremel + cut-off wheel) to free the rudder. I’m assuming the strap and pins are bearing some weight, and this way you wouldn’t suddenly transfer the weight to the drill bit while drilling out the pins. Could be a non-issue, though.

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