As you can see photography is not one of my strong suits. From our far corner of the boatyard you can just see the mouth of Locklies Creek opening onto the Rappahannock River. The bridge across the river from Topping to Irvington is usually visible above the treetops. The Rapp is a substantial body of water, at least for the small daysailer that we cut our teeth on before purchasing “Old Salt.” About 8 miles East of us the Rappahannock hits the main stem of the Chesapeake Bay. We’re located on Virginia’s Middle Peninsula, bound by the Rappahannock to the North, the York River to the South, and Mobjack Bay to the East. I’ve been sailing small boats since I was a kid, but I think I’ve learned more lessons the hard way on the Rappahannock than anywhere else.  Earlier this year I nearly sank the daysailer when I made the ultimate rookie mistake, forgetting to put the butt plug in. We made it back to my buddy’s boat lift just as the water was pouring in through the top of the centerboard trunk.


My most epic set of misjudgements resulting in hard-won experience also occurred on the Rappahannock, but that’s a story for another post.



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