On the subject of Through-Hulls

“Old Salt” has a grand-total of 8 through-hulls below the waterline. 8! I have no idea what most of them do, but 8 is a ridiculous number for a 26ft boat with simple systems. There is a school of thought among sailors (or perhaps I should say sailors who write books about sailing) that through-hulls below the waterline are bad news bears. It makes sense, a through-hull is a hole in your boat waiting for a hose clamp or gate valve to fail and sink you. The anarchic yacht designer George Buehler writes about a guy who went so far as to put the discharge from the head above the waterline. Pretty crude stuff. Unfortunately, the days of pumping raw sewage over the side are long gone. Figuring out a new set-up for the head is just another bullet on a long bandolier of things to do. I guess I’m gonna have to figure out where all these holes go as well.

Here it is: the most awkward gallery of boat-orifices ever


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