Better Living Through Chemistry

Spent most of the day finishing up scraping the underbody,  we now have most of the top layer of anti-fouling removed. As I mentioned earlier, we are planning on taking the hull down to the fiberglass, removing the outer layers of paint and gelcoat to fix the crazing problem. Lookee here:

It looks scary, but from what I can gather it’s no-biggie.  The next step is to remove what remains of the 2nd layer of anti-fouling paint (the blue stuff in the picture), and unfortunately the hook scraper doesn’t seem to be cutting it.  We could probably sand it off along with the gelcoat, but the marina frowns on excessive toxic dust floating around…I’m thinking of using paint stripper. Dichloromethane, aka methylene chloride is fun stuff, it’s known to the state of California to cause you to start driving a hybrid and eating tofu, or something like that. At any rate, in addition to it’s exciting physiological effects, it also apparently eats gelcoat. Under normal circumstances that would be undesirable, but since I want to remove the gelcoat anyway…If someone in internet-land thinks this is a terrible idea, lemme know. Applying paint stripper with the intention of softening the gelcoat sounds a little bit like self-prescribed off-label use (speaking of California) but it might do a better job than I will with a sander. We’ll see. I tested some on a patch of hull and it werks purty good.

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