Scrapin’ By

After my little rant about bad boat names I realize that the title of each of these blog posts has been an overused-cliche punily related to boat work. This will be no different. The careful reader (notice singular form here) may recall that I pronounced “Old Salt” pox-free. While this is true, the outer layer of the original fiberglass (gelcoat) is “crazed.” Which means it’s cracking up all over the place. Which is how I feel too, incidentally. Not a structural issue, but to properly protect the hull the gelcoat needs to be sanded off and then the hull painted with an epoxy paint. To do that first we must scrape off the old layer of anti-fouling paint, and then the older layer under that as well. Anti-fouling is essentially deadly toxins in paint form, so scraping it requires suiting up. Observe:


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